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A Teckie I Am Not!

I don’t even know how to spell that word.  You know, teckie, a person who is knowledgeable about all things technological.  Again, a teckie I am not.  But, as I delve into some new web sites I am finding out I can do more than I think I can.  A couple of web sites I’ve discovered that are pretty cool are  This is a video email service that is free.  Pretty cool way to send business emails to your clients and customers, or personal e-greetings for say birthdays, etc.

Another one is which is a web site to help you gain higher ranking on a Google search of your name.  I worked with it a bit last night and found out that I dominate page one of a Google search of my name.  But then again, how many other people could there be out there named Sabrina Jones-Schroeder??  Apparently, not many or even none! 

Finally, check out  This is a cool web site that creates videos set to music of your still photos.  The short 30 second videos are free.  Again, what a fun thing to send to clients, customers, friends and family!

Anyway, a couple of fun new things to check out if you are a teckie wannabe like me!

The Spring market is heating up here in Spokane and with low interested rates and some nice inventory to choose from ,it is a great time to buy real estate! 

Check out my website at to see some great listings and please remember to refer me to your friends and family in need to professional real estate services.  You can always reach me at 509.879.8800.

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