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My family’s birthdays all fall within a three week time period starting with Cole’s birthday on January 30, Emerson’s birthday on February 13 and Jeff’s on February 21.  Throw Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day in there for extra measure and our house is one big party for three weeks.

 We had a great family celebration for Cole’s birthday.  As his sister did when she turned 8, Cole got a big boy desk for his room. Various family members scored with basketballs, footballs, Nike Elite socks, Skylanders Swap Force characters and iTunes gift cards.  He loved each and every gift he received.  He gets to have his first big boy sleep over, too, now that he is 8.  That is coming up this week.

 Then we had some family over for the Super Bowl and thankfully my mother-in-law did the food for us.  I was a scrapbooking fool for the day.  I am trying to get our family scrapbooks caught up.  I think I am at Summer, 2013 which isn’t too bad!

 Emerson gets to take a friend out to Triple Play for her birthday where we will play in the water park, bowl, mini-golf, etc. then spend the night in a hotel, just us girls.  She is pretty excited about that.

 Jeff will get to pick somewhere to go for dinner for his birthday as I will be way too tired to cook anything for him.  Poor guy, he seems to get the shorter end of the stick with his birthday coming dead last!  Anyway, come February 22, I will be done with the family birthdays for another year and hopefully, will have found a way to make great memories for the whole families for their birthday’s this year!

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 Have a great week everyone!

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