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Turkey Day 2012!

As I sit and write this blog post, I am thinking about what a great Thanksgiving weekend we had. We celebrated the big meal at our house with 20 or so family members gathered for a feast. Jeff and I each cook a turkey for what we call the Great American Turkey Cook-Off. I brine my 20+ pound bird overnight and then slow roast in the over for 6+ hours. Jeff quick cooks his outside in an infrared cooker. We take a vote annually and see whose turkey reigns supreme. This year, the ballot takers (the children) were otherwise engaged in playing cops and robbers, Star Wars Jedi’s or the Wii, therefore no official tally was taken this year and so it is unclear which bird won. We decided to call it a tie! The rest of the feast included homemade dishes like cranberry chutney, the leftovers of which I made into a breakfast cake the next morning with oatmeal – yummy. We also had two types of stuffing, mashed potatoes, a sweet potato dish, a corn casserole, white wine gravy and of course, yummy fresh rolls. Of course, we had to top off the meal with pumpkin and pecan pies, butternut squash tart and a pumpkin caramel pie. Good golly, it is just plain crazy how good the food is . . . and how much of it! It was a delightful evening of good food, family and conversation.

I am so thankful for so many things this year: my incredible nuclear family – hubby and kiddos, my extended family, my company and the brokers that work for me, the improving real estate market, my health and well bring and so much more! Truly, there are moments on any given day that my good fortune literally takes my breath away.

So, after the huge meal, we pretty much had food coma for most of the next day, but roused ourselves to go to Coeur d’Alene to see the lighting of the resort. As usual, the fireworks display was really cool and the kiddos loved it! Saturday, we hung out at home and had a pretty productive day with Jeff puttering with projects around the house and I worked on the computer and the kiddos ran around playing all day. We ended up needing to get out of the house and went downtown for dinner and then to walk around a bit. The kids spontaneously had a chat with Santa (no lines) and we got the greatest photo of them sitting on Santa’s lap. Then, a true Christmas miracle – we found the kid’s Christmas outfits with little effort at Macy’s. Today was church and brunch and then running some more errands. As I’ve been saying, life is truly great!

I am looking forward to this next month. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I am ready to fully celebrate the season. I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving. I hope that you had moments during the weekend to truly consider all you have to be thankful for. And I hope that the next month passes by slowly enough so we can all savor the joy of the Christmas season!

Don’t forget to check out my website at and please let me know if I can ever help you with your real estate needs.

Have a great week everyone!

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