Living the crazy, great life!

Spokane in the Fall is one of my favorite places to be! This Fall has been particularly gorgeous – the colors of the leaves so dramatic and vivid. I have seen reds, oranges and yellows the likes of which I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen before! I love living in this part of the world that enjoys four distinct seasons. Ok, give me Fall for a few more weeks and then bring on the snow!

This weekend was Zagapalooza. What is Zagapalooza you ask? Zagapalooza is Gonzaga University’s 125th birthday celebration. This year also happens to be my 20 year reunion having graduated from undergrad in 1992. The folks at the alumni department threw one heck of an all-weekend party!

Friday night kicked off with a huge party at the Spokane expo center. Close to 2,000 Zags, family of Zags and Zag fans gathered. We took the kiddos with us as there was a child care room. Cole was content to stay in the children’s area, but Emerson wanted to come check out the big kid party. She had a total blast! She ate her weight in the cheese appetizers, drank yummy punch, loved the 125th year cupcake display (think Cupcake Wars which we love to watch), checked out all the booths from different departments in the University and collected all the freebies they had to offer, danced with her dad and I and best of all, went into the photo booths. We took home around 10 different sets of prints! I think if she could have signed up to go to GU right then and there, she would have. She kept saying, “Thanks, Mommy, for letting me come to the adult’s party!” Truly, I’m not sure which one of us had the better time!

Saturday (after soccer games of course, after all, it was Soccer Saturday USA!), we took the kiddos on a driving tour of the GU campus. We pointed out where mommy took classes in undergrad and law school (the old law school was torn down and new dorms built in their place), where mommy lived (Catherine-Monica dorm is still there), ate all my meals (the COG, also still there), where mommy attends meeting for the GU Alumni Board (The Huetter Mansion) across the street from the Bing Crosby Center (“Mommy, who’s that?”) and even where mommy and daddy were married (St. Al’s). We’ve always lived here in Spokane and I am ashamed to say that this was the first time we took the kiddos over to campus and truly looked around. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and there were tons of people walking around campus – students and alumni. Emerson was enthralled. Cole mainly was interested in what they offered to eat at the COG.

Saturday evening Jeff and I attended my 1992 class social. It was so great to see folks I hadn’t seen since graduation. It is amazing how little everyone had changed. I think we are all getting younger! Then off to the casino night where we caught up with a few additional friends. Then a night cap at Geno’s since the line into Jack and Dan’s was around the block. Back 20 years ago, I would have waited in line in the cold, as a smarter, more mature 42 year old, I decided Geno’s would work just fine! Got to hang out with friends of ours that also live here in Spokane and another classmate and his wife I hadn’t seen in 20 years. What a fun night! My four years of undergraduate at Gonzaga were the best four years of my life until I met Jeff. I am holding out hope that Emerson and Cole might someday be Zags, too. This weekend planted the seed in Emerson for sure!

Tuesday, I leave for sunny Nashville for our annual Exit convention. I will miss the Fall colors of Spokane, but won’t mind a little warmer weather for a few days. I will blog about my experience there in a couple of weeks. It will be an experience to be sure. I cannot wait to learn and grow in my real estate career.

Don’t forget to check out my website at and please let me know if I can ever help you with your real estate needs.

Have a great week everyone!

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