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Once we returned from our Summer vacation to Whistler (where I left off in my blog I believe), we had one week of Summer left, then Labor Day Weekend (another great weekend at the lake with family) and then the kiddos started school. Where did the Summer go? Seemed like just yesterday I picked the kiddos up from the last day of school and the Summer was stretched out before us! Now, they are back in school again.

Cole started first grade this year. Yup, he’s a big kid now going to all day school. At his class open house he found out that his desk would be right next to his best buddy Trenton. Man, he was so excited! Here we are a few weeks in and I believe his teacher has already separated them. Cole loves first grade, his teacher and lunch! He is a hot lunch fanatic and comes home most nights raving over the cafeteria offerings of the day – hot dogs (“They’re the best, Mom!”), pizza, cheeseburgers, turkey sandwiches and more. It sure makes my life a little easier not to have to pack a lunch every morning!

At the end of Kindergarten, Cole was reading a little bit, but by the end of Summer, he wouldn’t read even if I begged. I was so worried that he’d forgotten all those kindergarten core words and would be starting over. I am amazed at how just a few weeks into the year, he is reading again to me and doing really well. He read me the book “I Love You, Stinky Face” last night before he went to bed. I have to say having your child read to you is one of the most profound and touching moments as a parent. I love to read and hope that my kiddos love it as much as I do. It is a hobby that will serve them well in their lives and thankfully, they both seem to love it!

Cole also decided he was ready to start soccer this year. He has grown up watching his cousins and big sister play soccer, but never exhibited an interest in it. In fact, he was in karate all last year and loved that.

May I take a little detour here? Jeff and I have talked quite a bit about all the extracurricular activities that are available to children today – sports, music, dance and so much more! We have made a decision as parents that our kiddos will only participate in one or two max activities at a time. I worry that with so many activities, when do children today get a chance to just play? Anyway, based on this, Cole had to make what I thought would be a tough decision for him: soccer or karate? It was no contest, he was ready to play soccer and he’s been having a blast! He joined a team that had played together last year and is “playing up” meaning as a first grader, he is playing mainly with second graders. As his is small to begin with, this makes him one of the smallest players on the team. Once again, the mama bear has been worried. However, this past weekend, in his third career soccer game, he scored three times. Yup, a hat trick! He was so excited, jumping up and down, fist pumping and hugging his teammates. Another intensely proud moment for us as parents! His jersey is lime green and so his team name is, of course, the Ninja Sounders – makes complete sense to me!

Emerson is a big fourth grader now. She also loves her teacher and class. It was a bit of a nail biter this Summer though as she wasn’t sure who she would know in her class. Every one of her girl friends we called when the teacher assignments came out had been assigned another teacher. When we walked into her classroom, she was seated right next to a classmate from last year, Tommy. Whew, disaster avoided! As it turns out, Tommy was as happy that Emerson was next to him, as she was that he was next to her! Apparently, he’d had a similar experience with all his buddies being assigned different teachers. Well, needless to say, the mama always worries needlessly and both children have settled right in to school and are doing extremely well!

Emerson is playing soccer again on a new team. This team is more competitive than her prior teams and the coach demands a bit more from his players – none if this is a bad thing in our book! She is being challenged to become a little more assertive on the field and honing her skills. Again, I was terrified for her at her first game. Would she be able to hang with these girls who had been playing together for some time? Would her skills be where they needed to be? Again, the worry was unfounded as Emerson scored one of the teams many goals in the first half and then helped complete the shut out game in the second half by not allowing any goals as the goal keeper. Her shirt was white, so the team decided to go with white shorts and socks, too. They call themselves the Mini-Breakers though I have dubbed them the Mini-Might-Marshmallows myself! There will be a mother-daughter scrimmage in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck that I don’t make a fool out of myself. I am the only one in the family that doesn’t play soccer.

As for Jeff and I, we are both staying extremely busy. The real estate market has improved for sure this year! We are hoping the market stays strong through the Winter. My firm has been able to make some serious headway financially and operating in the black is within reach for the first time in some time (since the market turned in 2007, really). Personally, my production has also picked up. I am so thankful for my clients, as well as those who refer my clients to me. It is a blessing to be in this business and experience to job or repeat and referral clients.

Don’t forget to check out my website at and please let me know if I can ever help you with your real estate needs.

Have a great week everyone!

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