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Taking My Baby Girl to Camp!

We dropped off our daughter, Emerson, at camp earlier today. She’ll be gone for a week; well, six days really but it feels like twice that long to me. Last year, I was worried the entire time she was at camp that she was homesick and crying for me every night. What I would have given for a nanny cam. Of course when we picked her up, she’d had a great week at camp and didn’t cry, not even once she informed me. This time I know she’ll have fun and won’t be sad or homesick, but it is still hard, and I mean really, really hard for me. Driving away from camp, it was all I could do not to cry the tears welling up in my eyes. It’s a mommy thing I guess. No matter how old she gets (she’s nine now), she is still my baby and I am sad when she is out of reach from me. God willing, she will have as great a time this year as she did last year.

So, after we dropped off Emerson, the boys (hubby, Jeff and son, Cole) and I went to Art on the Green in Coeur d’Alene. Wow, there was some pretty cool stuff there! Then we went the Bonsai Bistro for dinner. I’ve always wanted to try that place. Food was ok, though I have to say that the pad thai at Spokane’s Thai Bamboo’s is way better and truly, does anything beat PF Chang’s? Then off to the Paul Bunyan drive in for the best huckleberry milkshakes in the world. So, the eating plan was off for the evening, but I truly enjoyed the treat!

I have to say that Cole is a different little man when his big sister isn’t around and some of the things he says…they are wicked funny! As we were enjoying our milk shakes, he said, “Cheers, to my sister going to camp.” Translation, “I am so happy to have a week without her at home.” Cole truly gets to be the prince of the castle when his sister is not around. He also said the most incredible thing later in the evening. We were showing a house to a client (bless his little heart for coming along) and looking at the gorgeous sunset sky. He said, “Mom, I love that sky like I love you.” Talk about my heart melting. He is definitely in the will! It is moments like these that I have to remember when he is being a little devilish.

On the real estate end of things, July was a little slow. So slow that I was really scratching my head wondering what happened to our recovery market. Well, this first week in August has more than made up for it. We have twice the number of sales on the office sales board that we had at this point in July. Personally, I’ve already sold two this month and I am working on a third that will hopefully sign around in the next day or so. Of course, we’ve learned with the tough market not to count our chickens before they hatch, but if the month keeps going this way, I will be one happy camper – like I hope Emerson is!

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Have a great week everyone!

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