Living the crazy, great life!

Baseball and Fireworks!

We had another great, all-American weekend. Saturday morning the family went for a long bike ride (Cole’s first on his own bike). What a gorgeous morning for a ride! Then off to Grandma’s house for a swim. Our office went to the Spokane Indians baseball game Saturday night. Mind you, we only get to watch part of the game as the kiddos are way more interested in the kid’s play are that has a bouncy castle, batting cage and super slide. It was a great game (the Indians won!) and the evening was capped off by a pretty great fireworks show. It is always great to spend time with the people I work with outside of the office. I work with a great bunch of folks! A great time was had by all!

Sunday, we went to church and then Jeff and I played in a softball All-Stars tournament. Mind you, I am no “All Star” though Jeff is quite good! “All Stars” was really comprised of anyone who was available to play. We came in third and more importantly had a good time in the sun. It was really hot! I have to say though, that after a full season, I feel as though I am a little bit better than when we started. Perhaps next year I will improve some more and actually earn the “All Star” title!

On the business side, I received a call from a potential buyer on Saturday. He was just here for the weekend before going back to California to pack up and move to Spokane. As I have told my agents so many times, half the battle is simply showing up – answering your phone and being available. After squeezing in giving him information, showing a house, writing an offer and negotiating the deal in-between all our other weekend activities, I anticipate signing around a deal today. And it is scheduled to close by Friday! What a nice, unexpected gift to close a deal that quickly! I am\ so thankful and blessed. The market is definitely picking up!

Have a great week everyone!

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