Living the crazy, great life!

Thunder Storms Rock!

We are spending another great weekend at Newman Lake. Yesterday was warm with the sun coming our periodically to help me with my tan. Emerson and I went for a walk/hike up a hillside to incredible views of the lake. The kiddos swam and played in the lake which is warming up quite nicely with the hot weather we’ve been having. Then we had some friends come out and hung out with them and had a yummy Sonnenberg’s Italian sausage with peppers and onions dinner! If you haven’t had Sonnenberg’s sausage, you have not experienced one of the most wonderful culinary events in your life. You gotta try it! Then we watched Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Just saw it in the theater not too long ago and bought it as soon as it was
available on DVD. Love, love, love the costuming in that movie. You gotta see it!

Then off to bed with Cole outside on the deck. Around 6:00 am I woke up for my usual morning potty break and saw that Cole had moved off the sleeping cushion onto the deck in his sleeping bag. No idea how he moves around so much. So, I repositioned him on the mat. Sometime between then and 6:30 am, he moved himself inside as it was starting to spit rain. Stealthily, he took a blanket out of the closet in our room (neither Jeff nor I heard it) and crashed on the futon. During that half hour, Emerson also snuck into our room and cuddled up with me on my side of the bed complaining that the thunder was right there outside her window. Jeff got up around 6:30 as it was really starting to rain and went to get Cole from the deck only to see that he wasn’t there. So, he moved the sleeping mat and bag inside then went to look in on Emerson in the kid’s room only to find out she wasn’t there. He started freaking out about our kiddos missing until he found Cole on the futon and Emerson in our bed with me. By then, the rain was coming down in nothing short of a torrential downpour (in Emerson’s words, “Mom, it’s like a blizzard out there!”) and the thunder was quite impressive. All-in-all a crazy, loud, impressive morning! Nothing quite like an incredible thunder and lightning storm!

So, now we’ve had a relaxing morning and since the rain has stopped, the kiddos are ready to go swim! I’m off to show a few houses this afternoon and then meet up with the family for dinner. I do love Summer!

As for the real estate market, how about a little update. The first six months of the year have brought the beginnings of market recovery in Spokane. The Spokane Association of Realtors reports the following:

For the fifth consecutive month sales for the month exceeded the previous months’ sales. 449 sales of single family homes on less than one acre (including condos) were reported for June. Sales are up 2.3% over May. The average sales price for June was $179,537 up 2.8% over May while the median sales price was $159,500 virtually the same as May. Half year figures show sales up 9.4% over last year with the average and median sales price the same as last year. The average sales price through June is $169,298 while the median sale price is $154,000. Inventory compared to last year is down 6.2%. As of this report inventory stood at 2,792 homes compared to 2,977one year ago. New construction closed sales reported for June totaled 35. Year to date new construction showed sales are down 9.3% however prices are up. The biggest increase is in median sale price which is up 9.5% over last year.

So, the market is improving and I think we will look back on 2012 as the defined bottom of the yucky real estate market we’ve been dealing with since 2007. Five years . . . that’s a long time to be struggling with the market.

Hope you all have a great week!

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