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Ode to Dads!

So yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day. I am blessed with a great Dad and Dad-in-Law. I also have a husband who is a wonderful father to our children. A fun brother-in-law who is the goddaddy to our daughter rounds out the local dads in our lives. We celebrated Father’s Day at our house this year. Though we usually have brunch with one dad and dinner with another, this year because we were running around in the morning between a church service that my other brother-in-law was preaching at in Post Falls to our church for a congregational meeting. So, brunch was not an option. Instead, we invited all these wonderful men to our house for BBQ dinner. It was a nice event with good food and great company all taking place on a gorgeous Summer evening. It was the evening that Norman Rockwell would have painted: the kiddos all running around outside playing pirates and tag, the adults all sitting around the kitchen table laughing and sharing stories – a perfect evening by any account.

A word about my husband. It is a well known fact that I am the pushover of the parenting team. I justify my position by saying there are many hills upon which I will not die at this stage of the game. I am saving my inner touch disciplinarian mom for the big stuff that will come later. Not to say that I never discipline, but I tend not to get to concerned about the smaller stuff. Jeff on the other hand is a natural born disciplinarian. His deep voice causes the children to sit up and listen. They know they cannot get away with much with Dad. Although it occasionally causes dissention among the ranks, I do appreciate his willingness to toe the line with the toddler/child terrorists that negotiate in my house many days. I am blessed to have such a strong man in our lives that is leading our children to be the great kiddos they are (ok, I’d like to take just a little of the credit, too!). I know that there are days that he wishes he could be the pushover, fun parent and let me be the bad guy, but his consistency is what makes him such a wonderful parent.

And then, there are the moments (and there are lots lest you think his is all disciplinarian) of pure daddy joy. Moments of wresting on the carpet; playing tag, basketball and soccer; cuddling on the couch (yup, this big strong man is fully capable of cuddling); prayers at bedtime; nighttime stories; tickle fights and so much more. Is there anything sweeter to a mother’s ear than the sound of her children and husband giggling uncontrollably? You know, the belly laugh of the dad in perfect harmony with the high pitch giggle of a child. It is music to my ears and I love Jeff for it all the more!

I hope you were all able to enjoy your Father’s Day celebrations, as well. It is so important to appreciate the dads in our lives. So here’s to all the dads out there: HIP, HIP – HOORAY! HIP, HIP – HOORAY! HIP, HIP – HOORAY!

Have a great week everyone!

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