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Summer is Coming, Summer is Coming!

Saturday we went out to my in-laws lake place at Newman Lake to open up the cabins. Jeff and the kiddos went out ahead of me on Friday night and spent the night. What a fun time for them. I myself stayed at the office until 11:00 pm catching up from the crazy week. I know that is warped to be in the office that late on a Friday night, but can I tell you how much easier Monday morning is when you’ve somewhat caught up from the week before. I can much easier relax and enjoy the weekend when I know I don’t have an unholy mess waiting for me back at the office . . . but I digress.

Opening up the cabins means a lot of yard work – mowing, trimming, weeding, raking and picking up of a Winter’s worth of pine needles and stuff. Then there is power washing the decks, dragging out the outside furniture, putting out the docks, planting the flower pots and of course cleaning the insides of the cabins. It is a long day of hard work, but there is immediate gratification to see all in order, ready for the Summer. The weather was beautiful so as we looked around the place – docks out, diving board attached and ready for Summer fun in the lake, decks clean and patio furniture shining ready for outdoor dining and relaxing, etc., there is truly a sense that Summer is coming . . . and it is going to be a great one.

The kiddos love being at the lake. When we close up the cabins in September, they always say, “How long until we can come out again?” And as the snow starts to melt in the early Spring, the question is asked again and again, “When do we get to go to the lake again?” And when they are told the date of the official opening of the cabins, they jump for joy! It is such a wonderful piece of their childhood. Growing up, I enjoyed boating on our 21 foot Fiberform cabin cruiser (called the Green Machine as it was avocado greed everywhere) on all the local big lakes – Coeur d’Alene, Pend Orielle and Priest Lakes. Those weekends are treasures in my memory banks and I an thrilled my kids will have a similar Summer experience in their memory banks.

Cole and Emerson love to swim, but the rule is, until the snow is totally off Mt. Spokane (which we see from Newman Lake), no swimming. Of course that doesn’t stop them from wanting to dip their toesies in the lake the minute they get there. In fact, they like to do everything that is lake activities the day we arrive. “Mom, can we get out the paddle boat?” “Mommy, can I get out the water guns?” “Mom, can we go for a walkabout around the cabins.” You get the picture. It is hard to hold these guys off and convince them we have an entire Summer to get all these things done! Anyway, Cole was sitting on the dock dangling his toes in the lake with his sister and cousins and as he stood up he “fell” into the lake. It is unclear as I was not a witness to the event whether he actually lost his balance or just decided he couldn’t wait for the snow on Mt. Spokane to melt (yes, there is still snow on Mt. Spokane). Regardless, plop into the water he went (just up to his waist) and apparently he said, “Jeesh!” with quite a surprised look on his face. Big cousin Brooke pulled him out of the lake. Not sure if he determined that this was a good thing or a bad thing. But, he at least has bragging rights that he was the first one in the lake this year. Crazy kid!

So, the cabins are ready and so am I. It is going to be a great Summer. I pray God will give us tons of hot days and that you and yours have some similar Summer tradition that you are looking forward to.

Here comes the sun!

Have a great week everyone!

Mommyhood – Best Job in the World!

Today is Mother’s Day. I love this day every year because it reminds me of one of the best jobs I’ve ever had – being Mommy to Emerson and Cole. Now, I’ve had some cool jobs . . . owning and operating a real estate company, slinging pizza at Pizza Hut, working at a book store, in a clothing store, interning for the State Attorney General’s office and so many other great positions. None were as hard, as constant, or as emotional as being a mom is. But, none were as rewarding, fulfilling or fun as being a mom is, either. And the pay, well let me tell you, money is great and thank the Lord my other jobs did pay me in money as I needed to pay the mortgage and in order to eat, but the pay for my mommy job rocks! I am routinely paid in hugs and kisses, cuddles and giggles and some of the sweetest looks I even been given. Yeah, the job has its pitfalls – late night wake-ups dealing with illness or nightmares, the occasional disobedience (ok, more than occasional), crazy busy schedules, planning and saving for college and weddings instead of traveling like we used to, etc., etc. But I wouldn’t trade this job for the world.

Thanks Emerson and Cole for making this job the best one I’ve ever had in my entire life. I love you both so much. And here’s how our nighttime routine goes, “Mommy, I love you!” “Oh, honey, I love you, too!” “But Mommy, I love you more!” “Well, sweetheart, I love you most!” or “I love you as tall as the tallest mountain, as deep as the deepest ocean and as long and the longest winding river! Night, night and sweet dreams, little love!”

Cherish the moments . . . for they are fleeting!

Have a great week everyone!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Jeff and I were talking this past Tuesday morning about his upcoming trip to Seattle for a Pillar to Post meeting on Saturday. He said that he had emailed his guys about going over for the Mariner’s game and they hadn’t gotten back to him. I said, “What if I want to go?” And so started a wild hair idea to take the kids and Grandma and Grandpa to Seattle for in impromptu adventure. We left Friday at 1:00 pm (Emerson was thrilled to be pulled out of school early!) and went straight to Safeco Field. The cover was over the stadium so we stayed dry, but man was it cold! We had six seats with no one on either side of us so we could have spread out, but huddled together with the kiddos sitting on our laps and took up four spaces for the whole game! In spite of the cool weather, we had a great time!

After the game, we went to our hotel and had a great night sleep. It is always a fun treat to stay in a hotel – the kids love it. Saturday, while Jeff was in meetings we took the kiddos to Ikea. If you have never been to Ikea, you’ve got to go check it out. It is huge with tons of cool stuff and the best Swedish meatballs in the world! After Ikea, we went to an amusement center and the kids bungee jumped on trampolines, we raced go-karts and they played tons of arcade games winning hundreds of tickets which they traded in for prizes. Their idea of heaven for sure!

Then we went to get Jeff and off to The Crab Pot for dinner on the Seattle pier. We love that restaurant and have tons of great memories of being there. In fact, Jeff and I first spoke of marriage there! After a delicious seafood boil and sourdough bread dinner we were off to North Bend on the way home to power shop for an hour and a half. We arrive back home exactly 36 hours after we left at 1:00 am in the morning. What a fun adventure!

Today we celebrated my mom’s and Jeff’s mom’s birthdays. I spent a couple hours with Mom and my sister going through old family photos. It was a nice trip down memory lane. Then, we hosted the Schroeder 15 at our house for dinner. Again, a nice time was had by all. We are constantly reminded how blessed we are to have the family we have so close to us. I hope others are similarly blessed with the richness of family!

Have a great week everyone!

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