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Soccer Saturday USA!

If you are out and about in Spokane on any given Saturday in the Fall and in the Spring, you are likely to notice all the little soccer players running around.  You’ll recognize their multi-colored soccer jerseys – all the colors of the rainbow!  Some say IEYSA, some say SYSA, some say Shadow or Elite, and probably any number of other leagues.  Well, where you see a child in a soccer uniform, there is a family with that child that has attended one if not multiple soccer games that Saturday.  Therefore, I call it Soccer Saturday USA!


Today we attended Emerson’s soccer game at Midway Elementary school.  It is about a 45 minute drive (one way) for a 45 minute game.  Do the math – more time in the car than at the game.  Anyway, the girls played a great game and won by one goal!  It is so fun to watch these little ladies play their hearts out.  And the win is just the icing on the cake.  Emerson loves playing and we love watching her.  Cole and a few of the other little siblings play on the playground or play ball during the game.  Today was especially delightful as the weather was absolutely gorgeous!  I actually have a sun burn from being out in the sun for just that one little hour.  Ahhhhh, Spring!


Our nephew Sam is with us this weekend, too!  It is so fun to watch the cousins hanging out and enjoying each others’ company.  Of course, we were the heroes after taking them to Chuck E. Cheese’s for dinner and 100+ tokens to play the games!  Then home for a movie and popcorn.  Does life get any better?


Tomorrow we are going out to Real Life Ministries in Post Falls where Jeff’s brother Paul is a pastor.  Frank Peretti the author is going to be speaking and I am really looking forward to hearing him.  Then a brunch with the extended family.  From there we’ll head back to Spokane for a double header softball game in the afternoon.  I have yet to play softball and not be way sore the next day (in fact, last week I strained my left bum muscle – crazy!), but perhaps every week I’ll get less and less sore!  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous again and I cannot wait to be outside again, this time perhaps with some sunscreen!  We’ll top off the weekend spending some time with friends who are in town visiting from Michigan.  We are blessed with great friends, family and rich and fulfilling lives.  Life is good and sweet, isn’t it?


Have a great week everyone!

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