Living the crazy, great life!

So, I had another fantastic week!  I signed around three deals this week from a $40,000 mobile home, to a first time homebuyer’s $125,000 bungalow to a gorgeous Georgian home for $300,000.  Whew – I was all over the board this week professionally.  And the news is good nationally and at the local level.  Sales are picking up, inventory is down (great basic economics trending) and the market is really heating up.  We are so due for a decent market!

So, as for the weekend – Friday night was a trip to Costco (those crazy Friday nights!) and movies with the kiddos.  Then a nice day of playing and hanging out with the kids on Saturday with a little bit of worked mixed in – showed a couple houses and wrote an offer.  Then to cap off a wonderful day, a date with my honey, Jeff!  We went to see “Safe House” – the new Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds movie (pretty good especially if you like the “Bourne Identity” type movie) then a late night snack at PF Chang’s – yummy.  The best part of all?  The kiddos spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s!  Pure luxury to have a night out with Jeff.  We need to do it way more often! 

Today (Sunday) we went to church and watched the Ugandan children’s choir perform (too cool), then to brunch at Grandma’s & Grandpa’s house.  Emerson and I then went shopping for a few things and came home to catch up on “Once Upon a Time.”  After that, the kiddos played while I made homemade lasagna and Caesar salad for dinner.  Again, yummy!  Not so great for my eating plan, but you gotta love lasagna.  I have to say that my mom’s lasagna was way better!  Even Cole was digging it though so it must have been pretty good!  Jeff and I are now playing dualing laptops on the couch.  Sigh, a far cry from our date night.

Today I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family!  Have a great week everyone!

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