Living the crazy, great life!

Productive in my Jammies!

So, I had a great weekend.  Friday night I attended the Lutheran Community Services Chocolate andChampagneevent.  It is always a lovely event with yummy chocolates offered from many bakery and candy vendors fromSpokane.  My in-laws help with the event and every year I help in a very small fashion by helping with the silent auction and auction item pick up at the end of the night.  Nothing in comparison to the hours upon hours of work my mom-in-law does on the silent auction baskets.  Kudos to her and the charity for an excellent event.  I hope you made gobs of money!

Saturday morning, Emerson came home from the sleepover at Aunt Stephanie’s house (Cole went on with Steph and his cousin Sam to archery lessons) and she and I cuddled on the couch and caught up on a couple of “Once Upon a Time” episodes.  We are helplessly addicted I am afraid.  I guess one is never too old for fairy tales!  Well, after a decadent couple of hours on the couch snuggling with my daughter and having coffee (my Saturday morning treat as I don’t drink coffee every day), I decided to get a little productive.  Mind you, I didn’t bath or get dressed, but figured I could be productive in my jammies.  And, boy was I.  I got a few work things checked off my list including typing up some notes from a great social media class I went to last week.  March is going to be Effective Social Media Strategies month at our office!  Facebook will never be the same I am sure!  I then started scrapbooking as I am attempting to get caught up.  Well, I ended up scrapbooking for hours while hanging with the kiddos, watching the GU game, finished a Star Wars movie and just being a homebody.  I got quite a few pages done and was so pleased with my progress.  Then, dinner time cam around and we ordered pizza in – always a great way to end a Saturday.  Finally, I watched “The Devil Wears Prada” while, you guessed it, doing some more scrapbook pages.  All-in-all, I got a ton accomplished – all while in my jammies!  There are some days when it just feels so great to stay in jammies and hang out.  I cherish those days!

Sunday was the usual church and brunch, running a quick errand to Costco to pick up more pictures (I am going to get caught up this year, I mean it!) and swimsuits for the kiddos (they are in stock in most sizes, but won’t last long – they never do) then off to meet a client to write an offer, more errands including the grocery store where I ran into a friend I always see at Albertson’s (so good to see her and her hubby), then home for, you guessed it, more scrapbooking, making dinner (Emerson begged for Hamburger Helper and of course I obliged, but also make homemade banana bread – yummy), then arousing game of Battleship with Cole.  He beat me . . . again!  I cannot seem to win when playing against him!  Then finished off the night scrapbooking, of course.    All-in-all I have scrapbooked about four months in the past couple of weeks.  It is such a grand sense of accomplishment when  I can look at those completed pages. 

This year the real estate market has really picked up.  In fact, it seems that the real estate gods actually turned on a faucet.  I have almost sold as much this year already as I did for the entire year last year.  I am out of shape and I am relearning how to “do” real estate at this frenetic pace again!  I don’t question why the market seems to have turned, I just count my blessings and continue to make hay while the sun is shining.  However, it has made me a little tired.  You know, sometimes the mundane every day life is just the balm you need for a weekend of rest and relaxation!  I hope you have days like this, too.  It sooths the soul!

Have a great week everyone!

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