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Everyone has their Super Bowl traditions, don’t they?  It has kind of become another holiday of a sort like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and all the rest.  In fact, I recall being asked, “What are you doing for Super Bowl?” as many times as I was asked, “What are your Christmas plans?”  So here’s what our family does every year.

Jeff and I host the party at our house.  And for one day of the year, it is a totally sexist event.  The men go downstairs to watch the game and the women and childen stay upstairs to watch the commercials.  Yup, I don’t much care for the game itself (in fact, before the game started I don’t know that I could have told you who was playing), but I love the commercials.  So the men go downstairs with their yard-o-beer and snacks and the children check in with them periodically to see if they need more beer or snacks.  It is the one time of the year that we separate the genders.

The women and children stay upstairs in general chaos.  The children work on Valentine’s day cards, homework, science fair projects, play games and count the commericals.  The women work on projects such as scrapbooking (my annual project), work projects, etc.  Grandmas float through the crowd on food patrol and helping the kids with their various projects. It is a wonderful, chaotic event!

And the food . . . always way to much and super yummy.  This year we had fresh veggies with Mexican creamy dip, queso dip (Velveeta and Rotel courtesy of my friend Angie – best queso in the world! You gotta try it!) and tortilla chips, Arizona baked beans (a sweet mix of ground beef, bacon, beans and bar-b-que sauce – mmmmm), shrimp & cocktail sauce over cream cheese, Bugles (my daughter’s favorite), pretzels, Chex mix and so much more.  This year, the men made an appearance at halftime to bar-b-que sausages.  We got some of the yummy Sonneberg sausage this year which is a family favorite at the fair.  And to top it all off (as if that weren’t enough), raisin oatmeal cookies and muddy buddies.  Needless to say, all calorie counting goes out the window for the day!

After the game is the discussion about the best commercial.  Secretly, we know the men are playing attention to the commericals, too!  The run away winner for our crowd was the commercial for the show “The Voice” where the four judges are battling to get upstairs in a hotel to find the incredible voice singing in the shower who turns out to be the incomparable Betty White!  A collective laugh ran through the crown – we all loved that commercial.  I love a good tearjerker commercial, too.  That’s right, I’ve been know to shed a tear or two at a Hallmark or Kodak commericals.  My winner in the dramtic tearjerker category was the Clint Eastwood commercial about our country being at halftime and look how Detroit is pulling out of their slump.  I believe it was a commerical for the Detroit auto manufacturers, but really, who cares who the commercial was about?  I just loved it!

And so, another game and another party is in the books!  What do you do for Super Bowl?  Is it time to create a family tradition?  Have a great week everyone!

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